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PSRC Practitioner of the Year Awards

2022 Nominations are Now OPEN!


The PSRC "Practitioner of the Year" awards identify and recognize PSRC members who have distinguished themselves throughout the past year in five different categories including: 

Clinical Practitioner - Displays significant contributions to the field of respiratory care that directly relates to the quality and safety of patient care.

Education - Displays significant contributions to the field of respiratory care that directly relates to education.

Leadership - Displays significant contributions to the leadership and development of the field of respiratory care. 

Researcher - Displays significant contributions to the growth and development of respiratory care through research and quality improvement. Displays mentorship and support to future researchers.

Future Leader- Displays significant contribution to their personal & professional development, departmental improvement, and/or the field of respiratory care.

Nominations for each of these awards are accepted from the PSRC membership during a nominations period.  All nominations are then de-identified and submitted to the awards committee for consideration.  Winners are then notified and announced publicly via an email to the general membership and online.   


In order to be eligible for nomination, candidates must:


1) Be an active AARC / PSRC member who is currently practicing in Pennsylvania.
2) Hold an active PA respiratory license.
3) Spend at least 50% of his/her time working in the selected category for which they are nominated.

To view the full criteria - CLICK HERE


Please use the following links to submit a nomination:


Clinical Practitioner of the Year - submit nomination

Education Practitioner of the Year - submit nomination 

Leadership Practitioner of the Year - submit nomination

Research Practitioner of the Year - submit nomination

Future Leader Practitioner of the Year - submit nomination

Questions?  Send an email to


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