Pennsylvania Respiratory Research Collaborative

Next Meeting Date
The next meeting is being scheduled for Wednesday, July 14, 2021 from 11am - 1:00pm and will be held virtually.  To register to attend this event, CLICK HERE.  (NOTE:  If you haven't already done so, please be sure you have joined the collaborative by using the link below prior to RSVP'ing for the meeting.)

What IS the "PA Respiratory Research Collaborative"?

Research and Quality Improvement (QI) within Respiratory Therapy departments is inconsistent both around the country and within Pennsylvania.  Research and QI projects are dependent not only on the individuals but also on the resources and mentorship available to them.  Unfortunately, there are not enough individuals, resources and mentors available around the state.

However, high level QI projects resulting in great improvements within individual hospitals IS being performed!  While many of these projects have resulted in submission of abstracts and poster presentations at conferences such as the American Association for Respiratory Care International Congress, very few of the respiratory therapists take the next step and submit their work for publication.  This has led to a tremendous lack of research on respiratory therapy related topics BY respiratory therapists!  The PSRC has created the Pennsylvania Respiratory Research Collaborative (PRRC) with the ultimate goal of increasing the amount of research being performed and published by respiratory therapists in the Commonwealth.

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Current Project

"A Comparison of AS, RT and BS, RT"

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