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Pennsylvania Respiratory Research Collaborative

What IS the "PA Respiratory Research Collaborative"?

Research and Quality Improvement (QI) within Respiratory Therapy departments is inconsistent both around the country and within Pennsylvania.  Research and QI projects are dependent not only on the individuals but also on the resources and mentorship available to them.  Unfortunately, there are not enough individuals, resources and mentors available around the state.

However, high level QI projects resulting in great improvements within individual hospitals IS being performed!  While many of these projects have resulted in submission of abstracts and poster presentations at conferences such as the American Association for Respiratory Care International Congress, very few of the respiratory therapists take the next step and submit their work for publication.  This has led to a tremendous lack of research on respiratory therapy related topics BY respiratory therapists!  The PSRC has created the Pennsylvania Respiratory Research Collaborative (PRRC) with the ultimate goal of increasing the amount of research being performed and published by respiratory therapists in the Commonwealth.

Who can Participate in the PRRC / How to get involved…

There is no charge to join the collaborative! The PRRC is open to all PSRC members. Physicians, nurses, and other providers may also participate if a PSRC member is a contributor to the research or QI project(s).


The PRRC is made up of individuals with varying amounts of experience in research and QI. Some will have no experience at all while other may have a lot of experience and have published article already!  The “mixing” of these individuals is one of the main goals of the collaborative. Those with experience will mentor those who have little or no experience. As a member, you’ll be able to actively participate in new or ongoing projects or passively learn by observing others. You’ll be able to propose projects or help others with their proposal. YOU decide what level of activity is right for you!

To join the collaborative CLICK HERE

Goals of the PRRC

1. Foster mentorship of respiratory therapists performing research and QI.

2. Form a network of mentors/experts to grow Respiratory Therapist research and QI productivity in the state of Pennsylvania.

3.Create an interactive learning laboratory to discuss Respiratory Care related QI and research initiatives.

4. Provide a means to obtain intellectual and fiscal resources for Research/QI mentoring programs in the area of Respiratory Care.

5. Grow state wide QI bench-marking initiatives through education, information sharing, data collection, and research.

6. Foster relationships between the PSRC and Pennsylvania Department of Health, promoting the profession of Respiratory Care and its role in providing high quality patient care.

7. Promote the highest quality care through developing of evidence-based best practices guidelines using a multiple-discipline approach. 

8. Foster the sharing of resources for multi-center projects and assist with the leveraging of these multi center connections to improve funding opportunities.

9. Provide a forum, both online and in person, for respiratory therapists of all experience levels from every size institution to come together and have open conversations about ideas and concepts surrounding research and QI within the practice of Respiratory Care.

2024 Meeting Dates

Next PRRC meeting: March 27th, 2024

from 10:00 to 3:00 PM

LIVE at Penn State Health University Fitness Center

See AARConnect for more details and to register

2024 Additional Dates:

July 31, 2024-Virtual

November 7, 2024-Virtual

Do you reside outside the State of Pennsylvania and are interested in Research?  Have you ever thought about a PI project at your hospital and didn't know where or how to start?  Out of state members are welcome for a nominal fee, please complete the below link to join the Pennsylvania Respiratory Research Collaborative.

CLICK HERE to view the PRRC Charter

CLICK HERE to view PRRC Published Research

PRRC Member ResourcesClick Here  You'll need the password provided to you to access this page.






Questions?  Send an email to

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