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What IS Respiratory Care?

Simply put, Respiratory Care is the health care specialty responsible for the treatment and care of the lungs!  People working in this profession are known as Respiratory Therapists (RTs).   These professionals have extensive knowledge of the lungs and heart including the diseases that affect these organs as well as the therapeutic treatments to battle these diseases.

A Typical Day In the Life Of A Respiratory Therapist...

A typical day in the life of a respiratory therapist might include:

1.  Diagnosing lung and breathing disorders and recommending treatment methods.

2.  Interviewing patients and doing chest physical exams to determine what kind of therapy is best for
     their condition.

3.  Managing life support machines (known as mechanical ventilators) and artificial airway devices for patients who can’t breathe
     normally on their own.

4.  Analyzing breath, tissue, and blood specimens to determine levels of oxygen and other gases.

5.  Consulting with physicians to recommend a change in therapy, based on their evaluation of the

6.  Responding to "Code Blue" or other urgent calls for care.

7.  Educating patients and families about lung disease so they can maximize their recovery.

8.  Interacting with a wide variety of patients from the smallest babies weighing less than 2 lbs to a 40 year old car accident victim to a
     75 year old patient with pneumonia.

AARC "Life & Breath" Video
The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) has put together a terrific video review of the Respiratory Therapy profession.
Click Here to view the video!

Sound interesting?
Visit the AARC's "What Is An RT" webpage for more information that can help you decide if Respiratory Care is a career for YOU! 

Click Here!

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