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PRRC Published Research

"Description of the Practice of Respiratory Therapists in the State of Pennsylvania"

Armaghan R, Geesey B, Juby J, Amador-Castaneda J, Bollinger A, Roberts KJ, Newberry R, Harshberger M, Radabaugh N, Pierce M, Napolitano N. Practice of Respiratory Therapists in Pennsylvania: A Statewide Survey. Respiratory Care 2020;65(7):977-983.

2018 AARC International Congress, Las Vegas, NV - Abstract / Poster

"A Study of Standard Respiratory Clinical Quality Metrics Monitored by Hospitals in PA"

Jerin Juby MA, RRT1, Steve Gudowski BS, RRT2, Ryan Bechtel MS, RRT-ACCS3, Jennifer Mahone MHA, RRT-NPS, AE-C4, Jason Werkley BS RRT2, Bridget Gekas BS RRT1, Melissa Ash BS RRT1, Thomas Monaghan BS, RRT-NPS5, Ashley Grim MHA, RRT-NPS6, Kevin Trethaway BS RRT1, Laura Fantazzi BHA RRT1, Anoop George MPA, RRT7, Bradley A. Kuch MHA, RRT-NPS, FAARC   -    Poster

"Comparison of Associate and Baccalaureate New Graduate Hospital Orientations"

Karsten J Roberts and Natalie Napolitano. Respiratory Care October 2021,  66 (Suppl 10) 3604009

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