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Continuing Respiratory Care Education Programs


"Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know..."  Daniel J. Boorstin


The PSRC is excited to announce our first in-person conference post-COVID.  Our conference committee has been working hard planning this event.  We hope you will join us on September 7 and 8th!  

Place:  Spooky Nook Sports Complex, Manheim PA

We will continue to offer the All-in-One Educational Package and Bi-Monthly Webinars.  

"Live" Webinar page (click here) for more information on our live events!


All-in-One Continuing Education Program
The PSRC 2023 "All In One" continuing education package is now available!  Pay one price and you can attend ALL live webinars and have access to our online courses through 12/31/2023 (or 2024, if you choose a 2 year package)!  A minimum of 6 webinars will be offered this year so you have up to 24 hours of lectures you can attend PLUS you can take any of the 20 recorded courses that are also available!  Click Here for more info!

About PSRC Sponsored & Endorsed Educational Events

The list above contains upcoming events that are sponsored or co-sponsored by the PSRC.  Sponsorship indicates that the PSRC is solely responsible for the content and presentation of the program and related activities.  Co-sponsorship indicates that the PSRC shares responsibility for the content and presentation of the program with another group or groups.  All sponsored and co-sponsored PSRC events offer continuing education hours that are accredited by the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC).  The PSRC also endorses other educational programs.  Endorsement indicates that the PSRC has reviewed the content of the programs offered and found them to be of high quality and value for Respiratory Therapists.  Courses offered by endorsed providers meet the accreditation requirements set by the State Board of Medicine & Osteopathic Medicine for Respiratory Therapist licensure. 

Click Here
 for a listing of upcoming endorsed educational events.

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