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PSRC Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2016, the PSRC began awarding the PSRC Lifetime Achievement Award to honor a PSRC member annually who has best demonstrated throughout their career the qualities of excellence, compassion, collaboration, volunteerism, and extreme competence to the field of Respiratory Care.  It is an honor bestowed on those that personify the dedication and spirit of those committed to the practice of respiratory care and best exemplify the mission and vision of the PSRC.

PSRC Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

2021 Christopher Tino

Christopher Tino, or Mr. Tino to his previous students like me, has been devoted to Respiratory Care for over 51 years and is still going strong! Beginning in his early 20s Mr. Tino worked as a staff therapist for several years, “in the wild” as he calls it. He taught 3+ years in New Jersey before coming to Luzerne County Community College where he has been teaching for over 42 years and is the Program Director. Somewhere in there he found time for home care and has lots of fun stories about that too. I’m told he was the President of the PSRC at some point in all this though I’m not sure how he found the time! He was also a District Director with PSRC. I wanted to run some numbers to try to figure out how many patients Mr. Tino has potentially helped by teaching respiratory students to becoming respiratory therapists over the last 45 years. If he graduated an average of 12 students per year for 45 years that would be 540 graduates. If these graduates, see an average of 6 patients per workday that’s 3240 patients per workday a student he taught is seeing. If these students work 4 days per week for 50 weeks out of the year that’s 648,000 patients in a year that Mr. Tino has helped by teaching their Respiratory Therapist, the basics and then some. With those numbers alone, I had to nominate Mr. Tino for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Mr. Tino volunteered with countless respiratory organizations, but one very dear to him was Camp Asthma Cadabra, a weekend overnight camp for kids with asthma to be able to experience camping despite their illness. Mr. Tino not only volunteered as a Respiratory Therapist at the camp that needed to be staffed 24/7 with medical workers but also helped raise the funds necessary to sponsor children to attend the camp. Mr. Tino has worked through health issues and illness and never let anything get in his way of making sure his students are equipped with everything they need to be prepared for their career. He is the Program Director, an instructor, at times a counselor, an ear or a shoulder, an advice giver, a joke teller, and a true asset to the field of Respiratory.

Nomination period is closed.


Award Nomination Criteria

In order to be eligible for nomination, the nominee must meet the following criteria:

1)  Nominee must have maintained AARC / PSRC membership for a period of at least ten (10) years or longer.

2)  The nominee must have a demonstrated relationship to the field of Respiratory Care for a period of at least 10 years or longer during their career.

3)   The nominee must have demonstrated a significant contribution to the PSRC during their career.  Examples of significant contribution include serving as a member of the PSRC Board of Directors and/or serving as a member or chair of one or more PSRC committees. 

(Note:  Members may be nominated posthumously.)

2020 Kenneth Miller
2020 Douglas Albright

(posthumous award)
Bob S.jpg
2019 Robert Shellenberger
2018 Kenneth Kraut
2017 Bradley A. Leidich
2016 William F. Galvin
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