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PSRC Award Winners

The PSRC presents multiple recognition awards to deserving individuals who have demonstrated their worthiness for recognition.  Awards are presented in the categories listed below.  Click on the name of the category to view a list of winners for each award.  Note that several awards were first presented in 2019 and are listed on one page.  The Lifetime Achievement and Outstanding Student awards have been given over the past several years and each have a page that provides a list of previous award winners.

Lifetime Achievement Award
In 2016, the PSRC began presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award, the society's highest honor.  The award is presented to one individual annually who has demonstrated throughout an extended career extreme dedication and commitment to the PSRC as well as the qualities of excellence, compassion, collaboration, volunteerism, and extreme competence in the field of Respiratory Care.

Oustanding Student of the Year Award
Each year, the PSRC Outstanding Student of the Year Award program recognizes students who have demonstrated both academic and clinical excellence and who will likely contribute greatly to the profession of Respiratory Care both now and in the future.  The program faculty in respiratory care educational programs in the state of Pennsylvania that meet the eligibility requirements are provided the opportunity to select one of their students as a recipient of this award.

PSRC Annual Recognition Awards
In 2019, the PSRC began presenting annual recognition awards to deserving RTs in multiple categories including:

Education Practitioner of the Year
Research Practitioner of the Year

Leadership Practitioner of the Year

Clinical Practitioner of the Year
RT Department of the Year

Nominations for these awards are made by PSRC members and awards winners are selected based on a review of the nomination information by the PSRC Awards Committee.

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