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Pennsylvania Respiratory Research Collaborative

PSRC 2022 Research Symposium Webinar - Call for Abstracts

The Pennsylvania Society for Respiratory Care invites you to submit an abstract for the Research Symposium Webinar on

November 17, 2022.  The top six abstracts will be selected to give a 15-minute presentation. 


Submission deadline is October 20, 2022. All applicants will be notified of acceptance on or before November 3, 2022. Both practitioners and students are welcome to submit abstracts for review in accordance with the below guidelines. 

Applicants who are selected will win free registration to a PSRC 2023 Webinar of their choosing. 


Abstract Guidelines:

  • All authors should be listed with credentials and affiliations

  • Abstracts should include the following headings/categories: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions

  • Abstracts should be no more than 2500 characters including spaces and may include 3 tables or graphs

  • You may abstracts that have been submitted for the 2022 AARC Conference.  You may submit abstracts that have been presented at conferences in the last year.


You can submit your abstract by clicking HERE


Questions?  Send an email to

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