Helpful Videos & Information for RTs Dealing with COVID-19 Virus

Here is a collection of videos to help respiratory therapists care for patients with the covid-19 virus.  Please note that this information has been gathered by other resources and is not the product of the PSRC.


Vortran Automatic Resuscitator

Click Here for Videos & Information on the Go2Vent

Prone Positioning in Severe Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome


Full Review of Prone Positioning in ARDS   (RC Journal)

Good review of how Prone Positioning Works


Video - Moving patient from supine to prone position (New England Journal of Medicine Group)

Strategic Stock Pile Ventilators

LTV 1200

1)  Use & Set-Up Video (26 minutes)

2)  Operator's Manual

3)  Emergency Set-Up Guide

Medtronics LP-10

1)  Use & Set-Up Video (42 minutes)

2)  Clinician's Manual