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Continuing Education Requirement For Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting


All licensed Respiratory Therapists are required to complete two hours of state approved continuing education in the recognition and reporting of child abuse every two years.  The course is required in order to renew the RT license and must be completed during the licensing period (January 1st of odd year to December 31 of even year).  There are several state approved courses that may be used to meet this requirement and these courses can be viewed on the PA Department of State's website (click here).  However, the PSRC recommends the course put together by the PA Department of Public Welfare in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh.  This is a free course and is done online at the following website:


When you go to the website, you must first register for the course on the top right corner of the page.  During the registration process, be sure to select the licensing board under which you received your license (if your license # begins with YM - it's the State Board of Medicine - if it begins with YO - it's the Osteopathic Board of Medicine). Once you register, use the link on the top left to log in.

This course is accredited for 3.0 hours and can be used to meet the requirements to obtain an initial license to practice.  The course may also be used towards meeting the 30 hour total requirement for therapists to renew their license, however, only TWO hours (2.0 hr) of the course may be applied toward meeting the renewal requirement.

NOTE:  Please be VERY careful when registering for the course and be sure that everything is entered correctly (email, the correct licensing board, etc.).  The state requires that the certificate of completion be electronically transmitted by the course provider and will NOT accept any other form of proof.  This includes the certificate of completion that you can print at the end of the course.  Members are urged to print this certificate, however, as it's the only proof you will have that you completed the course.

QUESTIONS?  The PA Department of State has created an "Frequently Asked Questions" document which you can access by clicking here!

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