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2022 PSRC Officer Nominations

Nominations are now open for the 2022 PSRC election of the 2023 PSRC Board of Directors.  The following positions are available for nomination.  Click the position title to view or download a job description for that position.




Vice President


Junior Delegate

District Director- East -Elect

District Director- Central -Elect

District Director- West -Elect


Eligibility Requirements:

1)  All positions require current and continued membership in the AARC  throughout the term in office.

2)  Nominees for each of the District Director positions must live or work in the district for which they are nominated. 

3) Nominees for President-Elect must have prior PSRC executive board experience.

4) Nominees for Junior Delegate must have a minimum of two years experience as PSRC Officer or Committee Chair.


Note: All positions on the PSRC Board of Directors are volunteer positions and require attendance at four Board meetings annually. Individuals elected to positions on the board are reimbursed for expenses related to travel to and from these scheduled meetings.

CLICK HERE To Enter a Nomination!  Nomination period closes August 1st, 2022.

Questions?  Send an email to


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