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In Memoriam





Mike Murray RRT

Mike Murray passed away the evening of November 27, 2012, surrounded by his loving family members. Born in Columbia in late December, 1945, Mike spent the rest of his life near the Susquehanna River. No doubt this proximity led him to be an avid fisherman and eventually a trout fisherman, a hobby which he adored and loved to share with both of his sons, Jason and Seth. Trout fishing was only one of many hobbies "Pappy" enjoyed over his years with us; he spent time training horses, specializing in Thoroughbred racing. Most recently he had dreams to expand and repair a barn he owned near the Donegal Creek into a working stable so his four granddaughters Neela, Jaya, Charlie, and Natalie could adopt his same love for horses.

Everyone who knew Pappy also knew of his love for swing dancing, instilled in him by his parents Donald and Joan Murray. Mike and his brothers Pat Murray and Steve Murray all can't help but dancing when some good ole' swing music comes on. Early in his life, Mike had aspirations to be a forester, and could always identify types of trees, and how much they were worth.

Mike's favorite hobby, however, was his job being a respiratory therapist at the Lancaster Rehab Hospital. He was the humbly self proclaimed "King of respiratory therapy" and everybody knows that he "trained the guy that wrote the book." All of Pappy's coworkers held a special place in his heart, as his work was much more than a job to him.

Above all else, Mike's life was made complete by his friends and family. He absolutely delighted in spending time with everyone who loved him, and blessed each one with his endless generosity. His amazing impression on people has become self evident, as we have been showered with love and support from so many during this difficult time.

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