PSRC "All-In"One
Continuing Education Program

Given the ongoing pandemic, the likelihood of in person conferences and seminars returning any time soon.  In May of 2020, the PSRC started a program that includes a one time registration that included ALL of our "live" webinars as well as recorded online courses all featuring a variety of topics and terrific speakers!  This program has become very popular and we are happy to offer it again in 2022!

"All In One" Program Details


Registration to the program includes access to ALL "live" PSRC webinars held in 2022.

  - Webinars will be held bi-monthly with a minimum of 6 total live webinars held.

  - Each live webinar will include four (4) lectures for a total of 24 hours of lecture offerings by 12/31/2022.

  - Webinar topics will vary and will include state required courses in patient safety and medical ethics.

  - At minimum of one webinar each year will focus on Adult Critical Care, Neonatal-Peds & General Resp Care.

  - Webinars in Education and Management / Leadership will also be held.

  - All live lectures are recorded and many of the lectures will be offered as a recorded course (see below)

Registration to the program also includes access to ALL of the online recorded webinars which will be updated throughout the two year period.

 -  Highlighted lectures presented at PSRC live events will be recorded and made available at a later date

 -  Up to 20 recorded courses will be available at any given time. 

 -  Recorded courses will be available for up to a year and will be rotated out with older courses being 

    replaced every few months by newer courses.

 -  To preview the list of recorded courses offered, click here .

ALL courses are accredited by AARC for continuing education and a certificate of completion will be issued for completed courses.  Courses will also appear on the electronic continuing education transcript for AARC members.

All-In-One Registration Rates

Registration for the “All In One” program will be valid through 12/31/2022.  The program pricing will be as follows:


Regular Registration - $180

Discounted AARC Member Registration - $150

Regular Student Registration - $75 (discounted to $50 if RC Program Director is an “All In One” member)

AARC Member Student Registration - $50 (discounted to $25 if Program Director is an “All In One” member)

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What's the Value?

The above pricing includes ALL "live" webinars and recorded lectures for one year and totals at least 24 hours of available live continuing education.  Add in the availability to complete up to 20 hours of recorded lectures and members of this program can complete up to 44 hours of continuing education!  Compare the above pricing to the example below that shows estimated costs to attend a two day seminar:

Example Attendance Costs for a Two-Day Live Seminar

Course Registration:  $230 (or discounted $180)
Gas / Tolls / Parking:  $20 (cost varies by location)

Food / Drink:  $20 (likely more based on number of meals)

Hotel Room:   $100 (varies by location)

Total Expense:  $370           Total Continuing Education Hours Earned:  14 hours

Note that the above represents the costs to attend ONE event only (totaling 14 hours of continuing education) and does not take into consideration the need to take off multiple days of work in order to attend the event.


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