Director of Operations

The Pennsylvania Society for Respiratory Care (PSRC) is seeking a Director of Operations.  See below for more inforamtion

Job Description

The Director of Operations of the PSRC will:

  • Serve the association as a leader, a visionary, an ambassador, a manager, and a board developer in a way that ensures the financial stability, generates membership growth, optimizes organizational performance, and insures a sense of common purpose among all members in a way that builds respect, recognition, and good will for the organization.

  • Create a cooperative culture to carry out the Association's objectives, goals and vision from a diverse and sometimes opposing group of members, volunteers, and complimentary state, national and international organizations.

  • Report directly to the President and ultimately the Board of Directors.

Essential Functions

  • Serve as the"webmaster" for the PSRC website ( with responsibilities that include:

    • Create, maintain and update web pages and information presented on the website on a regular (at least weekly) basis.

    • Ensuring the domain name ( is renewed annually or bi-annually and website server fee is paid annually.

  • Serve as primary contact for all questions related to PSRC (via phone or email) and refer questions to appropriate PSRC Board members or committee chairs as appropriate.

  • Serve as event planner for all budgeted PSRC events (educational seminars, fun events, etc.) and assist PSRC Board members or committee chairs with running the event.  The Director of Operations will ensure at a minimum:

    • In coordination with District Directors and Directors at Large, determine event location and obtain a signed contract (if applicable) for event.

    • Assist Board of Directors in obtaining top quality speakers for educational events.

    • Completion and submission of application for accreditation of continuing respiratory care education (CRCE) hours by the AARC for all educational events.

    • Promotion of events via the PSRC website, email and/or print advertising for attendee and vendor attendance.

    • Setting up and handling all aspects of attendee and vendor (if appropriate) registration via the PSRC website.

    • Create attendee evaluation form, sign-in sheet, certificate of completion and name badges (if utilized).

    • Oversee and assist with on-site registration and pre-registered attendee check-in.

    • Ensure completed CRCE attendance log is submitted to AARC within 30 days of the event.

    • Work with PSRC Treasurer to assure payment of all bills associated with the event are completed in a timely manner.

    • Ensure all checks and/or cash received from the event is deposited within 14 days of the event.

    • Scan all required documents for CRCE (completed evaluation forms, sign-in sheets, etc.) and maintain a copy of these documents following the AARC's CRCE policy.

    • Create financial report after each event has ended and provide to Treasurer.

  • Serve as the designated signatory for all contracts on behalf of the PSRC.  The purpose of this service is to ensure all contracts entered into have minimized the risk and exposure to the PSRC.

  • Submit a quarterly report of activities and attend all PSRC Board of Director meetings.

  • Document all passwords for access to any PSRC accounts, property, or material and share with the President with all updates.

  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all PSRC property and points of contact for those responsible for the items.

  • Ensures all PSRC documents are properly stored, up-to-date, and discoverable as deemed by local laws.

  • Communicate with the PSRC President and/or BOD executive committee members weekly, or more frequently as needed.

  • Fulfill all requests of the BOD as deemed appropriate by the PSRC President.

Secondary Functions

  • Serve as PSRC Membership Coordinator to ensure retention and growth of PSRC membership. Specific activities shall include:

    • Weekly review of PSRC membership list to ensure accuracy

    • Monthly contact to all expiring memberships to urge renewal

    • Update PSRC email list at least monthly (but preferably bi-weekly)

    • Handle all aspects of AARC Discounted Membership program (purchase and sale of renewals, email renewals to AARC, etc.)

  • Assist PSRC President and Legislative Chair in development of Presidential letters in response to legislative and other issues.

  • Assist PSRC Education Committee Chair in administration of Student Award program.

  • Assist the PSRC Vice President and Awards Committee Chair in administration of Lifetime Achievement, Practitioner, and Department Awards.

  • Maintain PSRC office supplies and public relations items (i.e. pens, notepads, t-shirts, etc.).

  • Promote (via telephone, mail, email, or personal contact) miscellaneous PSRC programs that may generate revenue or may provide educational programming, compatible with PSRC goals and mission statement.

  • Arrange or assist in arranging all travel arrangements for PSRC BOD members, Delegates, and Sputum Bowl team members insuring that travel is completed in the most cost efficient manner as possible.

  • Process paid advertising on the PSRC website and in other media. Ensure all advertising appear as purchased on the PSRC website and/or other media.

  • Setup the PSRC electronic elections and assist the PSRC Nominations and Elections chairs in their respective charges.

  • Assist members of the PSRC Board of Directors in fulfilling their duties.


  • Minimum Qualifications:

    • Active AARC Membership

    • Current, active PA license to practice Respiratory Therapy

      • No current or past disciplinary actions

    • Current, active RRT credential

    • Bachelor’s degree in Respiratory Therapy (or related discipline)

    • > 5 years clinical experience in the health care setting

    • Strong written and oral communication

    • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite

    • Thorough understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order

  • Preferred Qualifications:

    • Master’s Degree in related discipline

    • Advanced credential(s) from the NBRC, AASM, NAECB (etc.)

    • Experience as a non-profit board member or voluntary committee member

      • i.e. AARC, state affiliate, foundation

    • Experience in managing a non-profit organization

    • Knowledge and/or experience in the operation and function of the PSRC

    • Knowledge and/or experience in the operation and function of the AARC

    • Experience in managing complex departments or organizations



Interested applicants should submit a cover letter addressed to PSRC President Margie Pierce D.B.A, RRT, CPFT and a current curriculum vitae via email to (include a current email and phone number).