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Director of Operations, PSRC

The Pennsylvania Society for Respiratory Care (PSRC) is seeking to hire a PT (30 hours per week, 1470 hours per year) Director of Operations to manage the day-to-day operations of the PSRC.

POSITION SUMMARY: The Director of Operations of the PSRC will serve the association as a leader, a visionary, an ambassador, a manager, and a board developer in a way that ensures the financial stability, generates membership growth, optimizes organizational performance, and ensures a sense of common purpose among all members in a way that builds respect, recognition, and good will for the organization. The Director of Operations will create a cooperative culture to carry out the Society's objectives, goals, and vision from a diverse and sometimes opposing group of members, volunteers, and complimentary state, national and international organizations. The Director of Operations reports directly to the President and ultimately the Board of Directors.  


JOB DESCRIPTION and more details can be found here



Any inquiries regarding this position should be directed to:

Matthew Pavlichko, PSRC President



Interested candidates should send cover letter and CV to:

Matthew Pavlichko, PSRC President


Eileen Censullo, PSRC President-Elect

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