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2017 PSRC Fundraiser for Disaster Relief

In the past few weeks, two major hurricanes have hit the Texas and Florida causing devastating damage and loss of life.  Imagine your entire house flooded to the ceiling of the first or, as happened in many cases, the second floor.  Everything you owned would be destroyed including the house itself.

Right now there are respiratory therapists who need your help.  The PSRC has initiated a fundraising campaign to benefit the AARC Disaster Relief Fund and making a donation is a way you can directly help these therapists. The fund was established in 1992 to assist members living in federally-declared disaster areas.  Members can apply for a grant of up to $500 to help with damages they incurred as a result of the storm(s). Although $500 doesn't sound like very much money, past recipients will tell you it's more valuable then you can possible imagine. For some, it helps cover insurance deductibles while for others it can help pay some smaller bills.  For others - it's a small lifeline until they can get on their feet again.

In short - the fund is all about AARC members helping members.  In the past, the fund has helped members all over the country including right here in Pennsylvania a few years back when bad storms created widespread damage.

How can you help?  It's easy - please make a donation via credit card to the PSRC's fundraiser by clicking the "Donate" button below.  You'll be taken to PayPal to process your payment.  If ou have a Paypal account you can use that or simply click on the button to use a credit card. The amount you donate is completely up to you and whatever you donate will be added to the fund.

If you prefer to donate by check, the mailing address is below.

To donate by check, make it payable to "PSRC Disaster Relief Fundraiser" and mail to:


225 Hampshire Drive

Sellersville, PA 18960

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