PSRC Super Bowl Fundraiser

UPDATE - 2/1/2020

All of the squares in the fundraiser pool have been filled and the fundraiser is closed.  The random numbers have been generated and the "grid" showing all numbers is below.  Prizes will be awarded based on the score of the Super Bowl at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters and also the final score of the game.  The prizes are as follows:

1st Quarter Prize:     $100 Amazon gift card

2nd Quarter Prize:   $100 Amazon gift card

3rd Quarter Prize:    $100 Amazon gift card

Final Score Prize:      $300 Amazon gift card

How Is Each Winner Determined?

At the top of the grid, you'll see "Kansas City Chiefs" and then a row with four boxes in each square. In those four small boxes you will see the randomly generated numbers between 0-9.  Each of the these represent the score that the Kansas City Chiefs have at the end of each of the first three quarters and the end of the game in this year's Super Bowl.

On the far left side of the grid, you'll see "San Francisco 49ers" and then a column with four boxes, again with each box containing a number between 0-9.  Each of the these represent the score that the San Francisco 49ers have at the end of each quarter of the game.

IMPORTANT:  The boxes go left to right, top then bottom.  If the team has a double digit score, only the second digit is used.  
For example, if the Chiefs have 6 points and the 49ers have 15 points at the end of the first quarter, "6" is used to determine the winning column (on top) - which would be the 8th column in the grid below.  "5" would be used to determine the winning row (on left) - which would be the 10th row.  The square where the 8th column and 10th row intersect would be the winner of the first quarter prize (jkriebel in this example).  

Remember that there are new numbers for each quarter of the game so you have a new chance of winning!  For example, if the score at the end of the 2nd quarter remained Kansas City 6 and San Francisco 15, the winning column would be the 1st and the winning row would be the 8th (LRadak in this example).

If you don't understand what numbers you need to win, simply send an email to and we'll send you an email with exactly what you need - no problem!

Good Luck to everyone and thank you again for your donation!

1st qtr

2nd qtr

3rd qtr

Final Score