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PSRC Super Bowl Fundraiser

Super Bowl 2021.jpg

Thank you to everyone who donated in the PSRC 2021 Super Bowl Fundraiser! 

The numbers in the Block Pool have been radomized and you can see them below.

1.  Please click on the follow link and you will be taken to a page where you will be asked for your "Player Name".  Please enter
     your first initial and last name (as much as will fit):  

     NOTE:  You may have a problem accessing the link above from a work computer as some facilities block anything with the
                  words "Super" or "Bowl" in it!  If this happens, try it on your home computer, tablet or smartphone.  If all else fails,
                  send an email to the address at the bottom of this page and we'll help you! 


2.  Next, enter in the password psrc and then click on the "Go For It" button.  Another screen will appear and ask you to create
     your own individual password - make it anything you want - then enter in your email address.  IMPORTANT - make sure the
     email is one you are checking as it is what we will use to contact you.  We recommend you "uncheck" the three checked
     boxes so you don't receive unwanted emails then click the "Go For It" button again and finally - when the next page
     appears - click on the "Continue On To Pick a Square" button.

3.  You will now see the pool "grid".  Click on one of the large squares to select it.  The system will ask if you are sure - click ok
     and you'll see your name appear in the box.  Repeat for every $10 donation you made.

That's it!  Once all of the squares are sold (or at noon on February 5th, whichever comes first), the numbers in the top row and left sided row will be automatically generated and you'll know what score you need at the end of each quarter of the Super Bowl to win!  We'll send you an email once the numbers are generated and a further explanation so you know what you need!

Any questions - please don't hesitate to ask by sending an email to

Thanks again for your donation!