2020 Discounted Hersheypark Tickets




The PSRC is once again offering tickets to Hersheypark located in Hershey, PA at a HUGE savings!  The park now offers over 65 rides and attractions including 20 "kiddie" rides, 15 roller coasters and 16 water attractions.  Over the past several years, the
park opened "Laff Trakk" an indoor roller coaster ride and "Hershey Triple Tower" featuring  the first choose-your- thrill tower in the United States.  Opening in the summer of 2020, is "Chocolatetown" a large expansion that will include "Candymonium" the parke's 15th roller coaster that will be the biggest and longest of them all with the ride lasting over 2 1/2 minutes! 
Click here for details on the new ride!

Deadline To Order:  April 3, 2020

The PSRC orders group tickets to receive the lowest prices available.  The deadline to order tickets is listed above.  There will be a way to order tickets after this date, however, the prices will be higher.  Therefore, in order to receive the lowest possible price on your tickets, place your order NOW!

NOTE:   Tickets ordered through this offer will be ordered as part of our group purchase on April 10th.  The park requires 1-2 weeks to process the order and mail them to us but you'll receive them from us well before they park opens on 



All Age Admission Tickets (age 3+) - valid (May 1 thru September 27, 2020).                                               $38.00*  (regularly $74.80)

* NOTE - Credit card prices are $1.00 more per ticket to cover credit card fees.

SHIPPING FEE:  Due to the loss of several tickets in the mail in the past, all tickets will be shipped via Priority Mail and the shipping fee for all orders (regardless of the number of tickets ordered) is $5.00.  This covers both the mailing and insurance cost.


Pay By Credit Card:  The PSRC utilizes PayPal to process credit card payments. Click on the "Add to Cart" and you'll be taken to a PayPal order page and you'll see "Your shopping cart" followed by the information on your order.  You'll see a "Quantity" box that defaults to "1" ticket.  To increase the number of tickets you'd like to order, simply click on the "+" on the right side of that box. Once the number of tickets you'd like to purchase is correctly listed, click on grey "Check Out" button on the right side of the page.  On the next page, enter in your credit card information along with your shipping address then click on the "Pay Now" button on the bottom of the page.

Click the drop down arrow to select the number of tickets you would like to order then click on the "Add to Cart" button to go to the order page. 

Note:  If you have any questions or if need to order more then 10 tickets, send an email to ExecutiveDirector@psrc.net