PSRC Super Bowl Fundraiser

Super Bowl 2021.jpg
Super Bowl 2021.jpg

The PSRC is sponsoring a fundraiser to raise funds for the AARC's Disaster Relief Fund - a fund that helps respiratory therapists during times of a natural or man-made disaster - when they need it most!  The fund was established in 1992 to assist AARC members who sustained property loss or damage as a result of a disaster.  Members may apply for a grant of up to $500 and the fund may be activated at the time of any federally declared disaster.  It has been used following hurricanes, earthquakes, fires tornadoes and flooding in many parts of the country including right here in Pennsylvania. 

For every $15 donation made to the fund, you'll receive a square in the PSRC's Super Bowl Square pool where you can win one of four Amazon Gift cards including the grand prize of a $300 Amazon Gift card!  The more you donate, the more squares you'll receive and the more chances you'll have to win!  The prizes are awarded at the end of each quarter of the Super Bowl based on the score of the game.

1st Quarter Prize:     $100 Amazon gift card 

2nd Quarter Prize:   $100 Amazon gift card

3rd Quarter Prize:    $100 Amazon gift card

4th Quarter Prize:    $300 Amazon gift card!!

More Chances to Win!

For the past several years we have been using a pool that improved your chances of getting a winning number combination ...and we are doing it again in 2021!  In traditional pools, you get two numbers and they are your numbers for the entire game.  This is great if you get numbers such as 0, 4 or 7 (which frequently show up in football scores) but not so great if you get numbers such as 5 and 2 (which do not).  This year, you'll get a new set of numbers for each quarter of the Super Bowl game so if you get bad numbers for the first quarter, you'll have two new numbers the next quarter!

Don't understand how this works?  No problem!  Use the following link and it will explain it to you - CLICK HERE  (and our pool is using the first grid under option 2).  Don't worry - you can know absolutely nothing about football and have just as good a chance at winning as everyone else!

Ready to Make a Donation & Join the Fun?

To make a donation using a credit card, click on the "donate" button below.  This will take you to "PayPal" a site that accepts credit card payments.  When you click on the button below, you'll see a page where you can enter the amount of your donation.  Please enter an amount in $15 increments (i.e. $15, $30, etc.) - you'll receive one square for every $15 you donate which gives you four chances to win!  Next, click on either "Donate via Paypal" button if you have a Paypal account OR click on the "Donate With a Card" to charge your credit card.


All blocks in this year's fundraiser have been sold.