2016 PSRC Elections


The 2016 PSRC elections are now underway to elect the following positions for the 2017 PSRC Board of Directors:

Nominations for President-Elect:  Margie Pierce MS, RRT, CPFT

Nominations for Vice President:  Kristin Sommer BS, RRT
                                                           Jackie Oravec BS, RRT, RPSGT, RST, CPFT

Nominations for Secretary-Elect:  Melynne Storb BS, RRT
                                                            Kaitlin Jobba BS, RRT

Nominations for Junior Delegate:  None

Nominations for East District Director:  Kathy Sebastion MS, RRT

Nominations for Central District Director-Elect:  Ashley Stabley BS, RRT

Nominations for Western District Director-Elect:  Bradley Lavan BS, RRT-NPS
                                                                                       Gail Varcelotti BS, RRT, FAARC

If you are an active PSRC member, casting your vote is EASY!  Your unique voter code has already been emailed to you that will allow you to cast a vote for the candidate of your choice for the positions listed above.  Please note that members will vote for only one of the three District Director positions based on the region in which they live.  Based on the PSRC Bylaws, students & industrial members are not eligible to vote in the election.  NOTE:  If you are an AARC (PSRC) member but did not receive an email with your voter code, send an email to ExecutiveDirector@psrc.net and we'll help you!

Once you receive your unique voter code via email, CLICK HERE to go to the election website.  Copy & paste your code into the box provided and you will be taken to your ballot to review the list of candidates.  Please note that many work computers are blocked from accessing anything related to politics - including election websites.  If you have trouble accessing the site, please try again on your home computer, tablet or even a smartphone.

For problems accessing or casting your vote in the election, please send an email to ExecutiveDirector@psrc.net.

Voting will end on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 12:00pm.