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                      Respiratory Therapist
      Licensing & Credentialing Requirements
                           in Pennsylvania

Many respiratory therapists are confused regarding the different requirements that have been established in order to practice in the state of Pennsylvania.  These requirements are constantly changing and many therapists don't understand that there is a difference between their credential and their license and that each of these have different requirements.  Select the area of information you are seeking using the links below.  Please read through ALL of the information on the linked pages so that you are sure to be up to date on the latest requirements as failure to do so could prove costly!

Obtaining an RT License in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania is one of 49 states that require a license to practice as a respiratory therapist.  Please note that the license does not prohibit other healthcare professionals from performing some of the procedures typically done by an RT if their scope of practice includes those procedures.

There are two different categories under which individuals are interested in obtaining a license
fall and these categories are listed below.  Click on the category which most closely matches
your situation and you will be taken to another page with more information:

New RT Graduate (or about to graduate):   Click Here

RT Licensed in Another State Applying for PA License:  Click Here

Renewing a Current RT License in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania issues RT licenses biannually and all licenses expire on December 31st of even
numbered years.  RTs must comply with ALL of the requirements in order to renew and maintain
an "Active" license including payment of the renewal fee, completing the renewal form and
completing the mandated continuing education requirements.

Click Here for information on license renewal.

Inactive Status
Pennsylvania allows an RT to make their license "Inactive" upon request.  Failure to renew a license will also cause it to become inactive.  The process to "Reactivate" an inactive license ranges from fairly simplistic (submitting continuing education) to very complex (re-taking the CRT or RRT exam, completing clinical evaluation, etc.).  

Click Here fore information on reactivating an inactive license.

Requirements for NBRC Credentials
All credentials issued by the NBRC after July 1, 2002 have an expiration date and must be periodically reviewed.  Failure to follow the regulations set by the NBRC to renew a credential will result in the deactivation of the credential.  Reactivating a credential can be a costly and time consuming process so RTs should be sure to know the requirements to maintain active status.

Click Here for information on maintaining or reactivating credentials issued by the NBRC.

NOTE:   This web page is provided as a service to AARC / PSRC members.  The information provided
                has been obtained from various resources including the PA State Board of Medicine website
                as well as the official forms found on the site.  The PSRC is not responsible for errors or
                misinterpretations provided on this page as requirements can change without notice.  Users
                should contact the Board of Medicine with any questions they may have.